Now The Next Revolution We Need Is ”Mind Enlightenment”

Mind Enlightenment Need article by balvinder Kumar

Mind Enlightenment Need For The Next Revolution

We desperately need another revolution to get our Mind enlightened

The world has become a great place to live in many aspects. Undoubtedly, we are progressing at lightning speed in this century. Technology is making a huge impact on our education, health, working environment, medicine, lifestyle, entertainment and travelling.

Massive wealth has been generated. We have entered into a fourth industrial revolution, in which technologies and trends are changing the way we live and work.

Life has become healthier, wealthier, more comfortable, and easy access to entertainment and pleasurable goods. Digital technology is revolutionizing the world in so many ways which we never thought of earlier.

With all this on our command, have we become more satisfied and contended with our life? Unfortunately, the answer is in negative. Humans conflicts are rising. The gap between ‘us’ and ‘them’ is increasing. We have ruthlessly destroyed our Mother Nature due to our greed.

All these is happening because our mind couldn’t be evolved. We are in present paying a heavy price to collectively ignore our mind. The time has come to look inward and undertake journey for ‘enlightening our mind’.      

Life is like a long journey on an undulating road, the ride can never be smooth on a long run. Somewhere we are bound to get jerks. Life experiences are a cocktail of success and failure, pleasure and pain, happiness and sadness. Life exists in duality.

Most of us are reconciled with life’s conditions and start living in our own comfort zone. We tend to live a habitual, repetitive and conditioned life. However, most of us do face some personal problems primarily relating to our relationships, physical and mental health and financial issues.

The real test of life comes when we face unexpected adversity, acute suffering or some traumatic experience. What happens now is that the thoughts relating to those particular circumstances/incidents make us mentally and psychologically vulnerable.

 If we don’t know how to deal with the thoughts that are generated on those moments, we suffer intensively. Under adversity, not only we suffer mentally but also make our mind susceptible to mental health problems, that may consequently arise. 

As we continue to progress, our workload and emotional pressure have started rising. As a result, we have, as a whole, become as a highly stressed society. Mental stress is becoming like an endemic in the modern world.

Many of our life’s situations trigger a stress response in the body, such as an unfriendly hostile working conditions, overload of work, financial difficulties, and relationship problems within one’s family or with a boss or colleagues. We generally don’t know how to prioritise work and time efficiently.

The majority of us do suffer from mental stress; however, its severity varies from individual to individual. Stress itself is not an illness, but if left unchecked, it can contribute to major health problems.

The materialistic life causes widespread mental health problems

As the level of mental stress rises in every section of the society, we have also started becoming more unhappy and unsatisfied with our life.  Though with the rise of economic prosperity, we should have become happier and more contended. However, this didn’t happen.

World Happiness Report

Let’s take the example of India. The World Happiness Report is a landmark survey of the state of global happiness that ranks 156 countries by how happy their citizens perceive themselves to be.

The World Happiness Report 2020 for the first time ranks cities around the world by their subjective well-being and our overall happiness.

India has been ranked at a dismal 144 as the United Nations released its World Happiness Report. A total of 156 nations were surveyed. India scored 3.573 points, ranking lower than Pakistan which secured 5.693 points, ranking 66 out of all the countries surveyed.

We always think that if we have wealth, we will surely become happy and satisfied in future. This is a sign of materialistic society. People are busy chasing and accumulating wealth and of course, not all but large section of society is feeling in that sense.

 It’s becoming evident from the fact that not only mental and psychological stress is rising among masses but also mental health problems are increasing sharply. More and more people are becoming restless, unsatisfied and unhappy with their living conditions.     

Mental Illneses In World & India

All over the world including in India, the incidents of mental illnesses are rising sharply and almost taking the shape of a ‘global epidemic’. Among the most common health disorders are depression and anxiety.

The Lancet, a well-regarded medical Journal published from the UK, published a report titled “The burden of mental disorders across the states in India: “The Global Burden of Disease Study 1990-2017” released in February, 2020.

The study claims that nearly 197 million Indians were suffering from mental disorders, including 45·7 million reported to have depressive disorders, and 44·9 million were suffering with anxiety disorders.

It’s believed that today nearly 264 million of the world population suffer from depression.At its most severe, depression can lead to suicide.

As per another report of World Health Organisation, 7.5 per cent of the Indian population suffers from some form of mental disorder. Mental illness constitutes one-sixth of all health-related disorders and India accounted for nearly 15% of the global mental neurological and substance abuse disorder burden.

The treatment gap which is defined as the prevalence of mental illnesses and the proportion of patients that get treatment, is over 70%. WHO predicts that by 2020, roughly 20 percent of India will suffer from mental illnesses? To cater to this, we have less than 4000 mental health professionals.

Ancient Practice for Mind Enlightenment

Primarily, as we can conclude from the above, all the mental health problems including mental stress and the widespread feeling of restlessness and satisfactoriness arise from our mind and we don’t know how to control our thoughts. But surprisingly, it’s not all that difficult to manage our minds.

 We need to be aware how our mind works, what are its inherent tendencies and how thoughts can be managed. There is a fast expanding and flourishing industry of wellness, and mindfulness.

However, the best way to improve self-awareness and the ability to manage our thoughts is through the practice of mindfulness and meditation.

This is an ancient practice and many people throughout the world are practicing it.      

Meditation Helps in Mind Enlightenment

Meditation is currently one of the most powerful wellness trends in the world. It’s growing exponentially across many nations, including the USA and India. Since the benefits of   meditation have been validated by scientific studies across the globe, very large numbers of people are turning to it.

Meditation along with yoga, two ancient practices, is now officially the most popular alternative health practice in the United States. According to the survey conducted in 2017, nearly 14.2% people practiced meditation as contrast to just 4% in 2012. Meditation is thriving, and has become a billion-dollar industry in US.

Currently it is being realized by many that meditation is the best tool to train their minds. Meditation studios, brands, and apps are popping up worldwide. Along with a healthy diet and exercise, meditation is being recognised as one of the three pillars of well-being.  

As the way the meditation grows ever more popular, a solid backing of research studies conducted worldwide keeps pace. Otherwise, this practice would not have been spreading so rapidly.

What’s required now is a mass movement to adopt the practice of meditation as a way of life. It should be assigned at par with popular physical exercise like walking.

We need to introduce the subject of happiness in school itself as State of Delhi has rightly and wisely introduced this subject in government schools.

All the students must be taught this technique along with its scientific reasoning so that their mindset is tuned to the prevailing worldly environment.

We need another revolution to enlighten ourselves so that we can live peacefully and in harmony with the nature and get connected with our inner self.     

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