Meaningful Coincidences – Many

Meaningful Coincidences – Many

Coincidences are often thought of as just that – coincidence. But what if they hold meaning? This is the question that has long fascinated me. I’ve always been drawn to the world of alternative spirituality and spirituality, and coincidences are right at the heart of it. I’ve seen them as evidence of our interconnectedness. And I’ve seen them as messages from the universe. They remind me that there’s more to life than meets the eye.

What is Meaningful Coincidences?

Meaningful Coincidence means our life is full of coincidences and many of them prove to be very meaningful and important in determining our destiny. Like, someone is thinking about his very old friend that he hadn’t met for several years. Then incidentally he met the same friend on the next day itself. Similarly, we may see a person at work that we think we might like to know, only to find that that that very individual sitting across at a restaurant later that day.

Meaningful Coincidences are, at many times, meant for some purpose that may lead to new opportunities and those very opportunities then change one’s path. Is this luck or chance or should we say it a meaningful coincidence?

Please see the example given below of Meaningful Coincidence:

Sujata was looking for one particular book, a rare one, of ancient history written by some author. He spoke to many colleagues, but no one knew about that book. One day to buy some stationary she visited one local book shop. As she entered the shop, she got a pleasant surprise to see that book on the shelf.

In yet another case, Vimlesh, age 30 got divorced a week earlier and feeling relieved to get rid of the strained relationship of 10 years with his wife. He planned to visit his USA to meet his uncle. When he boarded into US-bound flight from Delhi International airport, he was surprised to see his old college mate on the next seat. After an exchange of pleasantries, they entered into a long intimate conversation. His college mate is also a divorcee.

After a month, both got married and started living happily thereafter.

These two incidents though seem accidental but are meaningful.    

At some level, we may sense that such events were destined in some way that they were supposed to happen in that period of life. Those incidences happen to give us new opportunities that can potentially change our life.

Carl Jung (1875-1961), a famous Swiss psychologist/physicist was the first modern thinker to define this mysterious phenomenon. He called it synchronicity, the perception of meaningful coincidences. Jung maintained that synchronicity was a causal principle in the universe, a law that is operated to move human beings towards greater growth in consciousness.

His concept of synchronicity came through many surprising coincidences his patients shared with him during his practice time, especially as he began to realize that the occurrences went beyond what could be attributed to mere chances. He further explained that ‘meaningful coincidences are unthinkable as a pure chance–the more they multiply and the greater and more exact the correspondence is.

They can no longer be regarded as pure chance, but, for the lack of a causal explanation, have to be thought of as meaningful arrangements. Since then this subject has been widely deliberated and researched even by modern physicists especially in the field of quantum physics.

The meaningful coincidences happen in everyone’s life but very few of us are able to appreciate those events because of the reason that superficially those events look random and merely the chances.

If those events are looked at closely, we find them significant in shaping our destiny.

Often, we attribute such events to the divine power of God. It’s quite natural as in normal circumstances; the possibility of happening that event must have been very remote.

That’s why we say, ‘Oh this couldn’t have taken place without the intervention of God’.

They lead us to newer opportunities, which, in turn, can change the direction of our life. They help us in growing to a higher ladder of life. Many a time, coincidences can make us realize that those are significant events though look accidental.

Like meeting someone unexpectedly and then that meeting proved to be a turning point in our professional life. However, some other coincidences can be very subtle and fleeting, and thus easily be dismissed as a mere chance. But later at some stage, we find those events very significant and meaningful. As we pay more attention to those events which we were, till that time, treating them merely the chances, in fact, were purposeful. As we become more self-aware and attentive towards our experiences, we find more meaningful events in our life.

These are the improbable events that give us some meaningful coincidences message or a new opportunity that redefines our destiny. When we look at the past then we may realize their significance in shaping our destiny.

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Balvinder kumar

I am retired IAS officer and writer of books and doing work for mind therapy.

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