Exploring Life Book By Balvinder Kumar

Exploring life Book by Balvinder Kumar Rtrd. IAS Author.The Book is very unique and available in two versions. is about knowing the Spiritual aspects of our Life and will provoke you to explore your life journey.

The Topic of  book includes Happiness, pleasure, success, pain, mental health, loneliness etc. Hope it will surely help reader to explore their own Journey.

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About Exploring Life Book

Life is like a pendulum, pain & suffering on one side – joy & happiness on another. No one generally swings and stays on one side for a long time. This is how life keeps oscillating. But, if we don’t know how to handle these emerging situations, life often becomes tough and we continue to suffer and be in pain for a longer time.

Life is often not presented to us in the way we wish it to be. We may have to come across adversities of varied nature. Tragedies keep attacking us in many different ways. No one is immune because of life’s inherent nature of uncertainty and vulnerability. We have seen this very closely during the pandemic period.

Therefore, we must make sure that we learn the meta-skill of handling not only how to live gracefully and peacefully, but also to face the harsh challenges from time to time. Often, we have seen people crumbling under the pressure of adversity. In fact, the real test of life is to navigate our life’s journey successfully, especially during turbulent times.

The purpose of writing ‘Exploring Life’ is to equip the readers to learn the meta-skill of managing our inner world. Most of us are unfortunately ignorant about various mental and spiritual aspects of life. As an example, when we ask people in general whether they are self-aware, the answer would, as expected, be positive. But surprisingly, we invariably have, very little self-awareness, though we wear the mask of showing the confidence of possessing the same. To be self-aware is a meta-skill, and rarely very few possess it. This book explores such critical issues in detail. How to undertake an inner journey has been the salient purpose of this book.

The book explores the whole gamut of subject matters that concern us and our inner world. The topics relating to happiness and pleasure, mental well-being, human suffering loneliness, boredom, and other modern-age maladies are very minutely dealt with. The book also includes subjects like acceptance of death, life beyond death, designing our destiny philosophy of life for handling life’s adversities, and a lot more related issues that bother today’s man. The issues like mindfulness, positive aging spiritual enlightenment will undoubtedly broaden the horizon of our spiritual knowledge, which in turn help us in navigating our journey. Readers will indeed find this book as a compendium to help them at every twist and turn in undertaking their life’s journey in more harmonious peaceful and meaningful ways.


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About Author

Balvinder Kumar is an author, a spiritual writer and a motivational speaker. He has been sharing his thoughts on various aspects of life, science and spirituality. Towards his passion, he has written four books namely Man’s Spiritual Journey, Awakening the Thinking Mind,  Redesign Your Life in Modern Age and lastly, Explore Your Life Journey. He also published Hindi version of first book. His writings explored a whole gamut of subjects concerning our life and its spiritual nature, also focusing on how to master our life in contemporary world.

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