Adopt a 3-pronged mantra to up

Adopt a 3-pronged mantra to up

Adopt 3-pronged mantra to upgrade your life

As we proceed towards our destination, we taste a cocktail of success and failure, pain and suffering, satisfaction and disappointments. How we react and cope with those situations also influences the speed of our life’s journey. Control over inner self, mind, and body, all connected and deeply intermingled, shape the lessons we learn in life.

On some occasions, we surrender ourselves to circumstances, while at other times we graciously and wisely prevail. All situations, pleasant or unpleasant, are necessary parts of our journey. As we grow, our understanding of life evolves, and so does our idea of destiny.  All the while, we are designing our destiny and traveling to our destination.

Our life journey is, undoubtedly, shaped by our choices, the decisions we make, and actions we take from time to time. So, the main question is whether we can create our own destiny or everything is pre-planned. The answer lies in the extent to which we exercise control or free will over our decisions and actions.

If we have no control over our actions, then obviously we can’t reach to the destination we wish. Things will happen on their own. Whatever is to happen will happen as destined. If we feel and also exercise complete control over our choice, decisions, and actions we make or take, then we can be the architect of our destiny.

As we have been there is inherent tendency that makes us to resist change that could potentially lead us to altogether new direction of our life’s journey. However, the fact is that the God has given us enormous capability to venture into new areas, learn fresh things and develop new skills at any age during our lifetime.

This ability to grow and develop ourselves come through our flexible nature of our brain. We can mould and change it at any stage of life through the power of neuroplasticity.

Adopt 3-pronged mantra to upgrade your life

1 Expand your awareness:  

As we age, we keep on expanding our awareness. Awareness is nothing but knowledge or perception we acquire about the world. With awareness, we know the world around us. We learn and grow through that very awareness.

Take your own example, compare your awareness when you were in school and then in university and now where you stand in life’s journey. This awareness helps us in navigating our journey. The decisions we make, actions we take, and the choices we keep on making depend on awareness. It’s of 2 kinds, first, awareness about the outside world and second, self-awareness, our own awareness, inner world.

How much we know about our own self is another critical requirement for the expansion of awareness

As we expand our awareness to unexplored areas, more and more scope for opportunities arise. We never know, where we come across an opportunity that can change the course of our journey. Our eventual destination of the journey changes with change in course of the journey. So, to redesign our destiny or the destination where we intend to reach, we need to keep on expanding our awareness. The first prerequisite for authoring the script of life’s journey.       

2 Right intention:

Imagine a very large godown, which is filled with thousands of items arranged randomly. You have a focused light/torch in your hand. In the darkness, wherever you put a light with a torch, that item will be visible. Likewise, there are huge opportunities lying everywhere in front of you. What you need to do is to throw light and be aware.

The torch is your intention. You focus your attention/light on an opportunity and then start working on the same (with your intention). The same logic applies in our life. Unless we have focused intention on our goal or purpose, we can’t move in the direction of achieving the same.

3 Focused attention with Strong Willpower:  

Most of us, however, live our lives without any purpose. Without purpose, life becomes meaningless, we just exist, don’t live. Even a poor laborer may be having a strong purpose to nurture his children with the best possible education and make them get a decent job. With that purpose, the laborer lives his life meaningful.

He can overcome all of his sufferings and hardships with his focused intention to achieve what he desires. Life will surely take him to where he wants to be, rather than life randomly taking him forward. If we have a strong purpose, then our decisions, actions, and behavior will be targeted in that direction; otherwise, our journey is aimless drifting. Therefore, we all must ensure meaningful existence and then strive wholeheartedly in the desired direction. To be focused and attentive for our purpose is not an easy thing especially when we are living in a world full of distractions. It’s a big challenge now, more specifically for those who are studying, whether in school or university. 

We need to check distractions that are part and parcel of our everyday lives. On the one hand, we have social media, which is transforming our social lives while on the other side, we have an inherent tendency of the mind to wander aimlessly in different directions. Even if we have a wide and expanded awareness and a focused purpose, but if we lack willpower then the whole scheme of things fails. To achieve what we desire, willpower to execute is critical. We are overpowered by Akrasia at the crucial moments of decision-making.

Akrasia is a Greek word for lacking command of the will. We often become victims of conflicts that normally arise whenever we attempt to decide anything important. As conflicts arise, Akrasia gets strengthen and the result is we are not able to make decisions. Most of the time when we decide on anything, 2 or more options are available. That’s why willpower is needed to overcome conflicts arising in the mind.

People with strong Akrasia in fact lose opportunities due to a lack of timely decisions. Our willpower is part of our core personality, that’s why difficult to develop. However, there are ways to overcome this weakness, if one has.

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Balvinder kumar

I am retired IAS officer and writer of books and doing work for mind therapy.

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